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Our Electric Vehicle Station Services

Charging your vehicle at the comfort of your home

Electric Vehicles are now becoming the “norm,” and ensuring that you have a fully functional EV charging station is imperative; that means having a station that works well with your home’s power grid without causing blackouts and having a station that’s reliable and will deliver a consistent charge every time you use it. We’re experts in EV; get in touch with us to get a quote, learn more, and see why so many trust us when it comes to their electric vehicle.

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Our Electric Vehicle Station Services

Electrical Panel Upgrades

If you have an electric vehicle, then you need to upgrade your panel to 200amps in order to facilitate an EV charging station. Most EV chargers will pull somewhere around 30-50amps of current, so when you combine that with your other appliances – it will exceed the typical 100amp panels that most homes have.


We’re fully licensed to install your EV charge station at a price you can afford. There are a lot of horror stories already of EV charge station installs gone wrong, but not with us; we won’t leave until we’re 100% sure the installation is complete, safe, and ready to use.


There could be many reasons why your EV charge station could need repairing, but no matter what the issue is, we have you covered. Whether it’s something to do with the connectors, cables, holsters, or filers for fast charging, we’ll get your station repaired in a timely fashion so that you can get back on the road.


In most cases, you’ll probably have a Level 1 charging station in your home, and the maintenance will all depend on the frequency of use and climate exposure. We service all types of EV charging stations, and our goal is to ensure sound optimization and efficiency with your unit to save you as much money as possible on your electrical bill.

Congratulations on Buying an Electric Vehicle!

We want to help you towards creating a greener future which is why when you upgrade your electric panel to 200amps with us, you’ll get a FREE EV charging station setup!

The only condition to qualify for this ongoing offer is for your EV charging station to be within 5 feet of the electrical panel in the garage.

Get in touch with us to take advantage, and let’s get you set up today!

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Client testimonials

We provide exceptional service for residential, commercial, and industrial repairs/installations. Don’t believe us? Read some of our testimonials and see why we’ve become the go-to electrical solution for so many in the region.

“Great customer service. Cass was professional and patient, took the time to help diagnose and fix our electrical box problems. Super nice guy, would definitely call again for any electrical maintenance needed!”
“We called Skylight for our service upgrade to make it 200 amp. Cass and his team were extremely professional and took care of the project headache free . Very efficient and fast . Highly recommended”
Josh N.
“Skylight Electrical came in on short notice to troubleshoot and repair a localized power outage in my home. He was very professional and managed to resolve the issue. He was very patient and explained his thought process during the troubleshoot. Highly recommended!”
Rick D.
“I saw their service van at a red light and decided to contact them for a qouatation. Cass came by and provided an estimate on the same day. We approved their estimate and now after seeing the job done, I can safely tell my friends and family members that we have found a very talented and trustworthy electrician.”
Mahsa A.
“I'm so happy with Skylight Electrical! Cass did about 6 different jobs in 1.5 hours, including replacing sockets and fixing a sparking electrical panic by investigating to find the cause of the problem. He changed a light fixtured that had been hanging from the ceiling. He was very polite and clear and it was a wonderful and stress-free experience! I highly recommend this company!”
Monique H.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) PROMOTION!

Upgrade your electric panel to 200amps and get a FREE EV charging station setup!!!

 The EV charging stations needs to be within 5 feet of the electric panel in the garage.

Contact us for more details and take advantage!